Echoes – A Free Serial Novel

“Patrick Kendall was killed last night.”


Two minutes and eighteen seconds.

The amount of time it took the paramedics to bring Kara Vaughn back from the dead.

One month in the hospital.

The time it took to repair the physical damage.

Fourteen months of therapy.

She’s still broken.

Now, haunted by the ghosts of her killer and left with abilities she doesn’t understand, she’s looking for answers.  With little more to go on than the ramblings of a storefront psychic, Kara leaves the comfort of Seattle, the only home she’s ever known.  She sets out across the country in search of help, but mostly, she’s running.  Running to leave the nightmare behind.

Ahead a darkness far more insidious and frightening than her past lies in wait. While she tries to escape the echoes of her old life, she’ll find herself running headlong into a whole new breed of monster.

Chapter 1:                            Epub                      PDF                   Mobi               Audio (Coming Soon)