C’mon, get Happy!

C’mon, get Happy!

Every now and again a TV show comes along that redefines television. Think your Sopranos, your Breaking Bads, your Oz’s…and then there’s Happy!, which is on a whole other level for a whole different reason.

Where the Sopranos was a character study on Tony Soprano and his ability to walk the line between family man and mafioso, Happy! is Natural Born Killers as told by a schizophrenic six year old. Where as Breaking Bad was the tale of Walter White’s greed and fear, Happy! is an LSD fever dream. Where as Oz was a look at race relations, Happy! is, well, suffice to say everybody in Happy! can get got.

I don’t really intend this to be a review, but more a recommendation. Mostly because I think there’s something that deserves to be pointed out here, especially for anyone in the writing game. Happy! is absolutely absurd. Let’s be up front about that. It’s hyper violent, the main character is barely tolerable, let alone likable, but it works. Every last bit of it works. It’s freaking Hollywood magic. You know why?

Two reasons:

The story. The story is what makes it work, because at it’s heart it’s a real story, the lengths a father will go through for his kid. Simple as that. Forget everything else and remember that: THE STORY IS GOOD. You can get away with a ton of shit, if the story underneath it is good. If you’re a writer, take that to heart. Seriously.

The second reason? Chris Meloni. The man’s a genius. He can do anything, be it drama, comedy, action. I’m pretty sure he do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

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