Casting Call – The Ledberg Runestone

In the weird little fantasy land that is my head, I have this strange delusion that one day some big Hollywood producer will pick up my book and decide to make a movie out of it. He’ll give me total control of casting, he’ll give me a massive bank roll, and I’ll retire to some place where there’s sand, mojitos, and hawaiian shirts.

Until then, the best I’ve got is a few pipe dreams and delusions, but one of those delusions is who I would cast for a movie, based on my books, were such a thing to happen. So, with that being said….without further adieu, here’s my casting selections (in no particular order):

1 – Jonah Heywood

Matthew Gray Gubler

2 – Pop

Jim Beaver

3 – Cash Carver

Walton Goggins

4 -Waylon Carver

Kim Coates

5 – Sam

Wentworth Miller

6 – Lysone

Brianna Buckmaster


7 – Kari

Taylor Momsen


8 – Canute

Clive Standen

9 – Mama Duvallier

CCH Pounder

10 – Maryse

Gabrielle Union


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